Poem 116, day 126: For Now.

For Now.


When I was around fifteen years old

I watched my first real crush hold hands with another girl.


In an instant perspective changed.


That puppet turn of head in the playground-

The glimpse of her chin dropped in laughter,

His palm cupped at her waist,

Felt like the worst heartache in the world.


All will know those times;

Lived, forgotten.

In later years swept aside for a true concept of love.


I hold him as though a sea of china would smash if I didn’t.


Many will know the linger of the snap of tongue;

A stain scrubbed at, fading, almost, but not quite.


On the walk it starts to rain and tree bark dampens.


The dog raises her tail and chases the stick-

Leaps at it, grabs it, tosses it up.

She won’t bring it back, she’s distracted by

A jogger, by the thud of feet.


I need to hold him like that, when

Pen won’t touch paper and everything jars.


Some will know.




~S L. James



5 thoughts on “Poem 116, day 126: For Now.

  1. I remember the first hand-held-shivers when i was 12 or 13. It was almost electrifying to feel a hand around my waist, with nothing more happening. Those memories are deliciously cherished in my head.

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