Poem 111, day 116: Baby Soft

Baby Soft


Did they know

That the tights she wore had

Snagged a little at the top of her thigh?

Luckily covered by her dress-

She knew because she felt the fabric

Whisper against her bare skin,

Stroke across the dappled holes

With each slight movement she made.

She sat in the toilet

And peeled off the tights

Because she didn’t want him to see;

Her legs looked pretty good anyway;

Earlier she’d shaved and after

Rubbed in cream almost right to the top-

Just in case-  so what did it matter if

That little, green, unexplained bruise

To the left of her knee wasn’t hidden?

There’d be no barrier to touch her if he wished

And feel her skin, baby soft.


~S L. James


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