Poem 31, day 31: I’ll Have a Country House

I’ll Have a Country House



With a garden that stretches to a little fence,

With nothing beyond, and sparrows that will rest on the posts.

There’ll be an Aga and a chopping board scratched

With the marks of knives used daily to slice, and chop, and feed.

When evening comes there’ll be no traffic, no scream of city

Cutting air, a sunset left alone.

The cobwebs strung in ceiling corners, perhaps I’ll let them stay,

For their stories, after all, are just as relevant as mine.

And if the nights are too quiet, if shadows become ghosts,

I’ll remember now, the lakes of concrete, and

My dream of a country house.




2 thoughts on “Poem 31, day 31: I’ll Have a Country House

  1. I like this poem. Their is a unique brand of urgent fullfilment in your poems. They force the reader to make summations early. I like what you say about cobwebs; the boldness and pointientcy of saying their stories are as relevent as yours.

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